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Many years of experience have taught us that an audit is not just a statutory obligation to be met. It is the results of audit services that provide business owners and managers with information on the real condition of the company. Without regular auditing in this respect, the growth of a company can be seriously hampered.

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    The primary goal of due diligence is to exhaustively assess the company’s condition. It covers all aspects of the company’s operations. This process involves collecting information and then comprehensively analyzing the way the entity functions. […]

    Readers of financial statements are usually specific parties – banks, shareholders, or management. They expect reliable information about the actual financial condition of the company – without errors or understatements. Financial audit and auditing are therefore safest entrusted to experienced specialists who know the specifics of the industry. We audit financial statements […]

    The auditor’s support in the present scope is usually used by clients who are interested in objective and fully independent attestation of the reliability of information about specific activities, products or services. The methodology for conducting other assurance services in a specific entity is adjusted by GLC specialists each time to specific legal events. […]

    Conducting an investigative audit serves to eliminate illegal procedures that may be taking place in an organisation. It makes it possible to detect, among other things, tax fraud, money laundering and a number of other inconsistencies that can disrupt the functioning of a company and negatively affect its […]

    Valuation of the company, businesses and assets usually takes place in connection with the process of sale, transformation, as well as tax optimization. GLC’s team of experts supports clients at every stage of the company’s operation. We have extensive experience in both the verification of the actual value of a company using the […]

    A legal audit is a recommended, and sometimes even necessary, instrument in the event of a planned acquisition, merger or transformation of a company. It is also usually necessary in the event of a change in shareholding structure, significant changes or expansion of the scope of operations. It allows to […]

    Although a tax audit is an extremely important issue, it is very often carried out in connection with company changes. Examples include restructuring proceedings, all kinds of mergers, amalgamations, divisions, as well as personnel changes, […]