Audit of financial statements

Readers of financial statements are usually specific parties – banks, shareholders, or management. They expect reliable information about the actual financial condition of the company – without errors or understatements.

Financial audit and auditing are therefore safest entrusted to experienced specialists who know the specifics of the industry.

We audit financial statements using the expertise of our audit team. With years of experience, we tailor the plan and strategy to the company’s industry specifications.

What we do

  • we conduct the audit of the balance sheet at each stage – from the preliminary stage to the final audit procedures,
  • we audit annual and semi-annual financial statements, as well as consolidated financial statements,
  • we confirm the correctness of consolidation packages
  • we use proven audit methods, which we supplement with the unique experience of our auditors and statutory auditors,
  • we prepare logical and condensed reports in a form that is understandable to the client – they contain the results of the audit in terms of, among other things, the reliability of the books of account and economic indicators, thanks to which you can reliably assess the financial situation of the entity.

Our experts in this field

Łukasz Zarzycki

Managing Partner (Audit), Statutory Auditor Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor, Executive MBA

The audit of the financial statements – i.e. the financial audit – is a service of exceptional importance to the company. What counts here is, above all, specialist knowledge and meticulousness.

Łukasz ZarzyckiManaging Partner, Statutory Auditor, Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor

Audit of financial statements – scope of services

All services provided in the financial audit are carried out by auditors with many years of experience – in accordance with the National Auditing Standards and International Standards on Auditing. In order to meet the standards, we have developed a special methodology through which we are able to obtain assurance that significant irregularities do not exist. In addition, we ensure that any risks that will be associated with a given audit are minimized to the lowest possible level. Many years of experience and developed methods allow us to ensure the safety of our clients.

To ensure a high standard of service, we guarantee the completeness and correctness of the valuation, and in addition, we can make presentations explaining all the most important issues in each financial area. Among the services we offer are:

  • issuing and presenting opinions on financial statements,
  • analyzing selected excerpts from the prepared reports,
  • examining consolidation packages,
  • ensuring that all reviews and reports comply with international and Polish standards.

Audit of the company’s financial statements – bet on professionalism

Our specialists are competent to assess reviews and financial statements for compliance with current standards. Extensive knowledge, extensive experience and meticulousness are a guarantee of satisfactory audit results. Depending on the needs and the selected area of the financial statements, we are able to check compliance against both Polish and internationally recognized standards. Since customer satisfaction is our priority, we always try to take an individual approach to needs and expectations.

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