Lack of complete integration of systems in a company means a number of inconveniences, such as slowed information flow, data errors, data duplication or very poor customer service. The remedy for these ills is an efficient ERP system such as enova365.

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Currently, enova365 is one of the most popular ERPs on the market.

It owes its popularity mainly to its ability to integrate systems comprehensively. enova365 is a support for both accounting and trade, HR, payroll and CRM. The system is adapted to support JPK files and split payment. What’s more, with this ERP, the company receives support in the area of goods management. It is also a helpful tool for employees, who receive reminders for training and other events, and can submit vacation and other requests without visiting their supervisor’s office.

Our team are specialists with numerous ERP system implementations to their credit, including enova365. We provide a guarantee of the correctness of system implementation. We also provide support for system maintenance and updates. We keep abreast of changes, and as part of our service cooperation, we also track changes in the company in order to make timely and appropriate modifications adapted to the changing needs of the company.

The GLC team will support your operations in three areas:

1. Launching a system compatible with Polish law

Due to the level of complexity of Polish law and the frequency of its changes, the key to success is to have a platform with which to properly record business events. The enova365 program is continuously adjusted to the provisions of Polish law, and the manufacturer actively participates in the processes of creating ergonomic solutions. As a result, enova365 users are assured that the information provided to the authorities is correct in form and content.

2. Exporting data to the headquarters

A key element in the proper management of a company in another country is communication between it and the headquarters, as well as ongoing access to data for analysis and juxtaposition with the data of other group entities. The enova365 program allows integration and communication with other systems in any configuration required by the customer, including through API or offline / online file exchange and data warehouse feeds.The flexibility of enova365 allows the implementation of data registration in accordance with the needs of the customer, taking into account the special configuration of, inter alia, the chart of accounts or accounting records, and the designation of files and documents with additional parameters.

3. ERP implementation – to enable working in the system in English / interface in English.

The enova365 program has a built-in English-language interface, providing ease of navigation through the system for people outside of Poland. Thus, the program can be used as a direct source of data for those controlling the company’s processes in Poland. At the same time, it can be used in the daily work and registration of these processes by employees who do not know the Polish language. If necessary, it is also possible to implement support for selected processes and functionalities in languages other than Polish and English.