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At GLC, we believe that labour law can be an ally of both the employer and the employee. We have often persuaded our clients that with appropriate assistance, and a practical approach, these seemingly conflicting interests can be reconciled.

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Klaudia Derela

Managing Partner (Accounting), Executive MBA

Clearly defined legal frameworks within a company guarantee a good working atmosphere and are effective tools for motivating employees. Additionally, legally compliant HR and payroll management significantly reduces the risks associated with a company’s personnel. It is worthwhile to trust experts—human resources management and employment law specialists—in this area.

Practical employment law consultation on personnel management, payroll administration, and the legal protection of employers and employees are essential conditions for the development of human resources within a company. We support our clients in all of these areas

Our team consists of 160 experts

Each expert in the team has in-depth knowledge of tax regulations, tax law, and general accounting knowledge.

We have optimized processes

We have proven and optimized work processes, which can bring efficiency and time savings compared to conducting these activities internally. This allows for saving valuable time.

We know the laws and regulations

The team has a deep understanding of current HR and payroll laws and regulations which helps avoid errors and ensures compliance with the law.

We have 25 years of experience

Over the years of operation, we have gained great knowledge and trust of clients. We have successfully adapted to changing business conditions for years.

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Klaudia Derela, GLC expert, is at your disposal.

What we do

  • We prepare all employment-related contracts and necessary documentation in this area, create work and remuneration regulations, as well as regulations for the company’s social benefits fund.
  • We negotiate collective agreements and, depending on the client’s needs, introduce changes to such documents.
  • We develop contracts related to employee training and professional development, prepare agreements for the use of personal equipment for business purposes (phone, laptop, private car), provide HR and employment law support for inspections, mediate, and offer legal assistance in resolving disputes with employees.
  • We also represent clients in court in employment law and labour law matters and in administrative proceedings before government bodies.

Scope of services

HR and payroll services

Payroll accounting and processing

Labour Law

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