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Efficient accounting function is one of the foundations of each business entity at every stage of its development. Regardless of whether we are dealing with a micro-enterprise or a corporation employing thousands of employees – accounting is the company’s bloodstream. It is not without reason that Accounting is one of the key departments in any organization, one, whose opinion counts for the manager.

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    What we do

    Accurate accounting in the company is the key to effective corporate finance management. Account books are a source of information, including about the company’s assets, revenues and operating costs, cash flows, receivables and liabilities.

    Accounting supervision is an optimal solution for those entities which turn around a large number of transactions and need to constantly monitor their flow, and, at the same time, require professional factual support of their accounting function.

    GLC is able to meet the needs of businesses which decide to give up carrying out certain accounting activities by themselves and to outsource them to a specialized entity. The GLC accounting department offers preparation of bank transfers, raising sales invoices, settlement of business trip allowance and advances, and many other services depending on the client’s needs.

    Based on the audit by a statutory auditor and on business and tax analysis, GLC provides the service of auditing of the company’s accounting processes. Its goal is to reduce the costs of accounting, increase the company’s financial security and minimize the risk of fraud.

    No company, regardless of size, can afford to take a break in accounting. Unfortunately, it may happen that as a result of sudden absence of a key employee (e.g. due to sick leave), the accounting department is virtually paralysed, which may seriously threaten the functioning of the company.

    We know how difficult it is to start with your own company and succeed on the market. We know the problems of start-ups, because we are entrepreneurs, we work with businesses, and we also were beginners once. GLC supports entrepreneurs at every stage of their business activity, including those who are just beginning.