Due Diligence

As part of the due diligence service, GLC provides support of specialized experts – analysts, statutory auditors, appraisers, lawyers and tax advisers.

The experience of our specialists makes the quality of the services provided in the field of due diligence at the highest possible level.

The primary goal of due diligence is to exhaustively assess the company’s condition. It covers all aspects of the company’s operations. This process involves collecting information and then comprehensively analyzing the way the entity functions. The historical and current financial results of the enterprise are analyzed, and the entire result of the process is particularly useful when the investor wants to buy the company – it is usually the investor who orders it.

The due diligence procedure allows the investor to verify the accuracy and reliability of the information previously provided to him by the seller. Thus, thanks to due diligence, it is possible to actually minimize the risk associated with the planned transaction. Risk minimization concerns mainly due diligence carried out for financial purposes, i.e. checking the value of the enterprise and determining its debt. Here, areas such as:

  • sales level,
  • operating costs level,
  • margins.

Thanks to the control of the above aspects, the investor is also able to estimate the investment forecasts for the assessed company. On the other hand, tax due diligence focuses mainly on verifying the correct tax activities of the enterprise, including in the field of VAT, personal income tax or real estate tax. In this way, it checks the potential investment risk in the context of tax arrears. Another option for conducting due diligence is also controlling the legal area of the company’s operations, including checking the legal status of the company, its assets and identifying potential legal problems.

The scope of the due diligence carried out depends on the specificity of the enterprise, its structure and size. Important factors are also the industry in which the company operates, the organizational culture, the number of employees or the way of conducting business. As a result, the due diligence procedure is slightly different in each company. It is important not only to carry out the control correctly, but also to define actions adequate to a given situation.

It is worth bearing in mind that in order to conduct due diligence in a proper way, you should refer to trusted experts in their fields – mainly in the field of finance, legal advisers, accountants or statutory auditors. In our rich offer of services, apart from support in the areas related to accounting and taxes, we also offer professional advice and assistance in carrying out due diligence. We will also help in adapting this process to the specificity of the enterprise to be inspected. As our experts constantly expand their knowledge, we can provide solutions tailored to the company’s situation and knowledge of current changes in legal and tax regulations.

What we do

As part of support in the field of due diligence, GLC specialists perform a detailed and multifaceted assessment of the company’s situation:
  • assessment of the current status of the company and analysis of contracts, permits and obligations of the company;
  • verification of tax liabilities, use of the tax shield and other tax aspects;
  • evaluation of financial statements, accounts, cash flow statements and profit and loss balance, as well as other financial aspects;
  • verification of organizational structures and their efficiency;
  • examining the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s work based on the use of specific tools;
  • valuation of the company’s assets.do not have to worry about the legality and correctness of actions taken in pending or future tax proceedings.

Our experts in this field

Łukasz Zarzycki

Managing Partner (Audit), Statutory Auditor Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor, Executive MBA

Today’s investors are looking to the market for new growth prospects for companies, as well as new sources of revenue. They are therefore increasingly deciding to transform or restructure entities or to carry out mergers or acquisitions. These investments can bring tangible benefits, but are also subject to high risk. It is most often associated with the lack of access to full information on the planned transaction.”

Łukasz ZarzyckiManaging Partner, Statutory Auditor, Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor

Why GLC?

  • We provide our clients with professional support and representation during tax and fiscal audits. We also represent entrepreneurs during administrative proceedings in tax and customs matters.
  • Companies that trust us can count on, among other things, the development of the most favorable strategy for proceedings, preparation of the necessary documentation, drafting of responses, explanations, appeals and requests to the Ministry of Finance for written interpretation of tax regulations, as well as preparation of complaints to provincial administrative courts and cassation complaints to the Supreme Administrative Court.
  • We also support the taxpayer and his employees during hearings, and represent them during tax and fiscal audits and before the courts.
  • We also help effectively recover overpaid taxes and obtain binding tax interpretations.

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