Business Process Outsourcing

Taking over selected accounting tasks by the expert team at GLC facilitates focusing on the core activities of the company. It also eliminates the risk of costly mistakes by inexperienced entrepreneurs

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Klaudia Derela

Managing Partner (Accounting), Executive MBA

BPO, which stands for Business Process Outsourcing, is a term used to describe the business process outsourcing sector. Corporations operating in the BPO sector specialize in executing projects for external clients. Selected areas previously handled within the parent company are transferred to another entity through outsourcing. By utilizing BPO, one can minimize internal costs despite having to pay a company to handle specific areas of previous operations. It’s worth noting that business processing and outsourcing is one of the fastest-growing industries, not only in Poland but also in many other places around the world. Although accounting is one of the most popular fields where BPO is applied, other areas include IT, customer service, and logistics, among others.

To some extent, we provide assistance in each of these areas mentioned. We deal with accounting and financial matters, as well as work organization and human resources.

We work with multiple accounting systems

including Enova, SAP (4Hana, R3), SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics Navision (Business Central), Comarch ERP XL (CDN XL)

Our team consists of 160 experts

Each expert in the team has in-depth knowledge of tax regulations, tax law, and general accounting knowledge.

We serve companies from various industries

We understand that different industries have unique challenges and specific accounting requirements; therefore, we offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of diverse clients.

We have 25 years of experience

Over the years of operation, we have gained extensive knowledge and the trust of clients. For years, we have effectively adapted to changing business conditions.

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What does Business Process Outsourcing entail?

As part of Business Process Outsourcing, we offer in particular:

  • issuing sales invoices,
  • preparing transfers,
  • settling business trips,
  • settling employee advances,
  • a number of other activities depending on the Client’s needs.


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Accounting for companies

Accounting Supervision

Accounting outsourcing

SAP Accounting

Services for Startups

Substitutions in Accounting Departments

Business Process Outsourcing

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