Tax consulting

Professional tax consulting is a significant improvement in running a business. The help of specialists will help you avoid all sorts of errors in documentation, and thus problems during a tax audit. We invite you to take advantage of tax consulting in the cities of Warsaw and Katowice.

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Why is tax consulting important?

Managing a large number of contracts and documents on your own can be difficult and time-consuming. Monitoring tax correctness is also complicated by frequently changing regulations. Even the smallest mistake sometimes leads to serious inconsistencies, and thus later complications when settling taxes. This risks sanctions and a negative impact on the company’s image. It is especially important to ensure that all documentation is in place when restructuring a company. If you use the services of tax consultants in Warsaw, you will no longer worry about this. All contracts and invoices will be neatly organized, and any irregularities will be explained.

What will GLC advisors take care of for you?

GLC tax law specialists will take care of the comprehensive handling of all tax documentation for you. You can entrust them with a tax audit, transfer pricing control and ongoing tax services for your business. We will take care of CIT, VAT and PIT taxes or civil law contracts for you. With our help, you will also calculate allowances correctly. If necessary, we will also represent you before tax authorities and administrative courts. GLC is a comprehensive tax advisory service. Warsaw is a city where a huge number of companies operate. Advisors will analyze current documents to exclude all potential errors in tax aspects. They will also ensure on an ongoing basis that the documentation is in order and irregularities in the accounts will not happen again. Professional advisors will also give you the guidance you need to ensure that your company’s financial management runs smoothly and is as profitable as possible. With professional advice, taxes will no longer be a problem for you, and any audit will be carried out without unnecessary complications.