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At GLC Law Firm, as part of the legal due diligence service, we provide support from experienced experts, analysts, auditors, experts, lawyers, and tax advisors. The experience of our specialists ensures that the quality of services provided in the area of legal due diligence is at the highest level.

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Łukasz Zarzycki

Managing Partner (Audit), Statutory Auditor Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor, Executive MBA

A legal diligence audit is a recommended, and sometimes essential, tool in the event of a planned acquisition, merger or transformation of a company. It is also necessary in the event of a change in shareholding structure, significant changes or business expansions.

It allows to achieve transparent insight into the company’s activities, management actions, as well as to assess the profitability of the actions taken and contracts concluded. This is often crucial for effective negotiations with contractors, but also with shareholders.

The scope of the legal due diligence report depends on the specific nature, structure, and size of the company. As a rule, the audit can be conducted comprehensively or in selected areas – according to the mandate, e.g., only in terms of analysing business contracts or regulations and employment contracts.

We have 25 years of experience

Over the years of operation, we have gained extensive knowledge and the trust of our clients. We effectively adapt to changing business conditions.

We serve clients from multiple industries

Our audit team possesses broad knowledge and experience across various sectors, allowing us to offer a personalized approach to each client.

We know the regulations

We closely monitor the dynamically changing tax and accounting regulations to ensure full compliance with current standards for our clients.

We ustilize modern tools

We employ the latest audit technologies, enabling us to efficiently review and analyse data, ensuring the highest quality of service for our clients.

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What do we do?

As part of legal due diligence support, GLC specialists perform a detailed and multifaceted assessment of the company’s situation, focusing primarily on:

  • Analysing the overall operations of the entity under review, particularly assessing the current state of the business, analysing commercial agreements, and verifying human resource management.
  • Assessing the success or potential risks of planned transactions.
  • Evaluating adopted and implemented procedures for personal data protection.
  • Assessing the status of ongoing and pre-litigation matters.
  • Evaluating the protection of intellectual property rights, trade secrets, licenses, trademarks, graphical marks, and patents. assessing areas of operation that generate the greatest legal or tax risks.


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