Legal due diligence

A legal audit is a recommended, and sometimes even necessary, instrument in the event of a planned acquisition, merger or transformation of a company. It is also usually necessary in the event of a change in shareholding structure, significant changes or expansion of the scope of operations.

It allows to achieve reliable transparency of the company’s activities, the actions of the Board of Directors, as well as to assess the profitability of the actions taken and contracts concluded. This is often crucial for the effectiveness of discussions with contractors, but also with shareholders themselves.

The scope of the legal audit carried out depends on the specifics of the enterprise, its structure and size. As a rule, the audit can be carried out comprehensively or in selected areas – according to the order, e.g. only in terms of analyzing business contracts or regulations and employee agreements.

What we do

As part of legal due diligence support, GLC specialists perform a detailed and multifaceted assessment of the company’s situation, focusing primarily on:

  • analysis of the entire activity of the entity under investigation, in particular, assessment of the current situation of the company, analysis of commercial contracts, verification of human resources management;
  • analysis of the degree of success or possible risks of planned transactions,
  • assessment of adopted and implemented procedures for the protection of personal data;
  • assessment of the status of pending litigation and pre-litigation cases;
  • assessment of the degree of protection of copyrights, trade secrets, licenses, trademarks, trademarks and patents;
  • assessment of the areas of activity that generate the greatest legal or tax risks.

Our experts in this field

PhD Marek Mikuła

Manager of the Legal Department, Tax Advisor

Numerous legislative changes mean that entrepreneurs, in the course of their business – often unknowingly – may violate legal norms. This can result in far-reaching financial or criminal sanctions. Conducting a comprehensive audit of the entity allows the adopted practices and procedures to be verified and adjusted for compliance with the law. Daily practice shows that entrepreneurs are increasingly expressing interest in conducting a legal audit of their enterprise.

PhD Marek MikułaManager of the Legal Department, Tax Advisor

GLC law firm, as part of its legal due diligence service, provides support from experienced experts, analysts, auditors, appraisers, lawyers and tax advisors.

The experience of our specialists ensures that the quality of legal due diligence services is at the highest level.

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