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Managing a business requires efficient payroll and HR record-keeping. To avoid mistakes, it is advisable to opt for professional HR and payroll outsourcing.

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Why opt for HR and payroll outsourcing?

HR and payroll outsourcing will allow you to streamline your company’s operations and reduce maintenance costs. By using professional services of an outsourcer, you do not have to employ your own personnel to take care of all the documentation. This solution is therefore ideal for both small companies and large enterprises. Family businesses that are just starting out will be able to achieve success faster thanks to payroll outsourcing. The experience of the specialists will allow them to avoid mistakes and focus solely on the actual business instead of documentation. Larger companies will also gain comfort when an outsourcer takes care of payroll issues for them.

What will GLC specialists offer you?

The HR and payroll outsourcing you entrust to GLC specialists will be carried out at the highest level. They will take care of HR services, timely and reliable payroll accounting, as well as the development of incentive plans. All of these activities are essential for the company to maintain balance and for the management of the business to run smoothly. Thanks to the experience of our HR staff, all activities will be carried out in accordance with the latest labour legislation, which is very often subject to modifications. The knowledge of legislation that distinguishes an outsourcer is therefore essential to ensure that no irregularities occur in the HR and payroll department. GLC’s HR and payroll specialists will provide your company with expert advice to help you run a reliable and successful business.


Our team consists of 160 experts

Each expert in the team has in-depth knowledge of tax regulations, tax law, and general accounting knowledge.

We have optimized processes

We have proven and optimized work processes, which can bring efficiency and time savings compared to conducting these activities internally. This allows for saving valuable time.

We know the laws and regulations

The team has a deep understanding of current HR and payroll laws and regulations which helps avoid errors and ensures compliance with the law.

We have 25 years of experience

Over the years of operation, we have gained great knowledge and trust of clients. We have successfully adapted to changing business conditions for years.

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Klaudia Derela, GLC expert, is at your disposal.

Take advantage of our services and manage your business efficiently!

Experience and knowledge of diverse markets allow GLC experts to efficiently handle the HR and payroll departments of companies in many industries. Thus, by choosing to outsource in this area, you can completely entrust all financial issues to them and dispense with maintaining your own HR staff. In this way, you will reduce the costs of maintaining your company, but at the same time you will receive top-quality services. HR and payroll outsourcing is therefore not only convenient and secure, but also cost-effective. If you are keen to entrust the maintenance of your HR-related documentation to professionals, we invite you to take advantage of GLC’s offer.

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