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    Outsourcing of HR and payroll

    It is indisputable that regardless of the type of industry people are the most important resource of a business. To retain the employed specialists who guarantee the quality of products and services, companies should constantly stimulate their motivation. It is a very complex matter. One of the elementary factors affecting the willingness to work and causing the employee to identify themselves with the employer, is a well-functioning HR and payroll system which contributes to the employee feeling sure of their rights, benefit entitlements and contributions paid by employer.

    The system of HR and payroll is a very complex aspect of the operation in each business entity. Its complexity and the necessity to constantly monitor the legislative changes cause that companies often separate this area from the traditionally understood accounting by dedicating a separate team to service this area of ​​the company’s activities. Many companies opt for outsourcing HR and payroll.

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    Efficient HR service in the company is one of the conditions for maintaining good, transparent relationships with employees. Reliable personal and employment records provide invaluable information about the human potential available to the company and enable efficient personnel management.

    Calculating employees’ remuneration is not only an important element of financial management in the company. Payroll also requires maintaining considerable payroll documentation and submission of documents to Social Security Office and the tax office.

    HR and payroll in the company require excellent knowledge of labour regulatory framework: not only the labour code but also the executive acts and their interpretation. The obligations of employers and employees’ rights resulting from the labour law in Poland change quite often, hence entrepreneurs and staff responsible for HR and payroll services may find it difficult to be constantly up-to-date.

    A motivational, or incentive plan is a tool to reward and motivate employees; its aim is to attach employees to the company, usually highly qualified or employed at higher levels in the organization. The plan is based on granting employees free or partly-free shares, stock options or other financial derivatives.