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HR and payroll

Outsourcing of HR and payroll

It is indisputable that regardless of the type of industry people are the most important resource of a business. To retain the employed specialists who guarantee the quality of products and services, companies should constantly stimulate their motivation. It is a very complex matter. One of the elementary factors affecting the willingness to work and causing the employee to identify themselves with the employer, is a well-functioning HR and payroll system which contributes to the employee feeling sure of their rights, benefit entitlements and contributions paid by employer.

The system of HR and payroll is a very complex aspect of the operation in each business entity. Its complexity and the necessity to constantly monitor the legislative changes cause that companies often separate this area from the traditionally understood accounting by dedicating a separate team to service this area of ​​the company’s activities. Many companies opt for outsourcing HR and payroll.

Outsourcing HR and payroll

HR and payroll outsourcing is nothing more than hiring an external company to provide accounting and payroll services. Obviously, such service cannot be missing from the GLC offer. Outsourcing of HR and payroll has been known to our experts for years; this results in growing trust of many new clients who outsource their HR and payroll function to us. Their trust is our most precious gratification.

Outsourcing as GLC does it includes:

  • ongoing settlements with employees,
  • planning and budgeting of remuneration,
  • settlements with the Social Security Office, tax office and State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON),
  • preparing reports, issuing certificates for employees, drafting work regulations, creating and maintaining employee files, etc.
  • This comprehensive approach to outsourcing HR and payroll allows us to meet all the needs of our clients, while they can focus on what they do best, i.e. running their business. We are able to offer outsourcing of HR and payroll in the whole territory of Poland.
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