Tax audit

Supervision of the correct payment of taxes is extremely important. It allows you to avoid unpleasant consequences that may result from any irregularities during official verification by the National Tax Administration. Therefore, it is worth taking the help of specialists and maintain full control over your finances.

What does a tax audit look like?

The tax audit we conduct, depending on your expectations and the specifics of your company, will cover several aspects. Our specialists will analyze in detail all documents: contracts, invoices, records or tax books to check their accuracy. If they find irregularities in your company, they will inform you right away and help you find the best solution to the problem. The audit can also cover only selected areas of your business, which will be reviewed in detail.

When is it a good idea to opt for a tax audit?

A tax audit allows you to make sure that there are no errors in your records and that there has been no negligence. Thanks to it, you will not be afraid of an unexpected audit and possible problems. You will also avoid committing misconduct in the future. Most often, however, companies opt for a professional tax audit when there are changes in structures at the company’s management level and the activities of predecessors need to be checked.

What do you gain by opting for a tax audit?

A tax audit will enable you to maintain full control over the legal aspect of your business. With a large number of documents, it is sometimes difficult to take care of everything on your own and check taxes on an ongoing basis. By choosing the services of professional advisors, you will be sure to keep all contracts and invoices in order, and correct any oversights legally. If, as a result of the audit, it turns out that corrections to your returns for a particular period are required, you will do so without risking fiscal criminal liability. With the guidance our advisors will give you, you will avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. Thus, an efficiently conducted tax audit will allow you to manage your business in a more informed manner.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

If you decide to cooperate with GLC specialists, a comprehensive verification of tax-related documents will be carried out in your company. We take an individual approach to each contractor, taking into account the needs of the company and the specifics of the industry. Our advisors are well aware of the requirements of the market, and are specialists in the field of law. All this means that a tax audit performed by GLC will help you detect any irregularities in your documentation early on, and fix them effectively. With our help, you will also avoid duplicating the same mistakes in the future. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer and establish cooperation.

What we do

GLC’s audit team consists of tax consultants, auditors and experienced accountants. During a tax audit, it performs a detailed verification of the correctness of the client’s tax settlements, taking into account settlements under all or selected taxes.

A tax audit may include:

  • particular areas of economic activity,
  • specific business operations or events,
  • analysis of transactions and source documents,
  • titles of budgetary obligations.

Our experts in this field

Łukasz Zarzycki

Managing Partner, Statutory Auditor, Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor

A tax audit means a comprehensive review and verification of a business’s accounts for their compliance with applicable tax law. The main advantage of a tax audit is the possibility of pre-checking the correctness of the tax accounts before a possible tax audit or the submission of the financial statements for verification by a certified auditor.

Łukasz ZarzyckiManaging Partner, Statutory Auditor, Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor

Proper tax management begins with good record keeping, especially financial records.

A tax audit is worth combining with tax compliance, so you can get a complete picture of tax risks affecting the company.

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