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Transfer pricing

Maintaining compliance in payment-related documents requires full control over transfer pricing. The totality of settlements between related parties, which is what transfer pricing is, will help you get the professionals in order. This will help you keep all your documentation under control.

We offer support in all areas of transfer pricing. We are well aware that the issue of transfer pricing is not limited only to the preparation of documentation.

Full tax security can only ensure perfect preparation of transactions for the future already at the stage of setting the terms.

How to properly take care of transfer pricing?

Cooperation with numerous related parties can generate some organizational problems. The resulting documentation often seems complicated and can be really extensive. It is then easy to make oversights or errors in calculations. These can lead to complications and problems related to underestimation of income. If they are not detected and corrected early enough, there will be a risk of sanctions and fiscal criminal liability. It also happens that some necessary contracts and receipts are overlooked, which will also generate difficulties in the future in maintaining oversight of the company’s finances and management. That’s why it’s worth taking care to monitor transfer pricing all the time and carefully take care of documentation.

Advantages of an efficiently organized transfer pricing policy

An organized transfer pricing policy is extremely important for a company to run smoothly. Controlling transfer prices also increases the credibility of the company. If you avoid negligence in this aspect, you will also avoid complications in the event of a tax audit. Careful preparation of all contracts and invoices will therefore positively affect the condition of the entire company. It will also allow you to build reliable networks and cooperation with partners. It will also be easier for you to plan further actions. If you consciously conduct a transfer pricing policy, in the event of a company audit or the need to verify specific agreements, you will not be afraid of misunderstandings.

Why use the help of professionals?

Transfer pricing is not worth taking lightly. However, if you don’t have the ability to properly oversee them, use the help of experienced advisors. They will carefully verify every document that relates to cooperation with related parties. You will also deal with the inconveniences that are associated with risk management in the case of transfer pricing. The professionals will create for you the optimal conditions for settlement and budget monitoring. They will provide you with detailed reports to track your expenses and liabilities. Any agreement you enter into regarding transfer pricing will thus be thoroughly documented and transparent. Thus, you won’t expose yourself to potential oversights and related unpleasantness in case of wrongly paid tax. In the event of an audit, too, you can count on expert advice and assistance in preparing your documentation.

Transfer pricing with GLC

The company that will comprehensively take care of your company’s finances and documentation is GLC. Our specialists will prepare everything necessary to maintain an audit in the field of transfer pricing. We are very familiar with the conditions that prevail in the market, so we will also serve you with advice on transfer pricing policy and tax matters. Cooperation with GLC will additionally allow you to plan your next agreements and prepare for them so that they are the most beneficial for your company. All the time you can also count on the detailed reports prepared by us, with the help of which you will keep track of your situation. So if you want to take a conscious approach to the topic of transfer pricing and achieve better results in managing your business, we invite you to learn more about GLC’s offer.

What we do

  • we conduct a thorough audit of the transfer prices used in the capital group,
  • we identify transactions that should be covered by transfer pricing documentation,
  • we help you establish a transfer pricing policy,
  • we prepare transfer pricing documentation, both at the local level (local file) and at the group level (master file),
  • we carry out a comparative analysis (benchmark) of transactions with related parties, helping to establish market conditions and defend prices adopted in intra-group transactions,
  • we represent clients in the course of a transfer pricing tax audit or tax proceedings in this regard,
  • we assist in planning intra-group transactions legally and in accordance with market conditions to increase tax savings,
  • we provide ongoing legal and tax advice on transfer pricing,
  • we manage transfer pricing risks.

Our experts in this field

Zbigniew Maciej Szymik

managing director, managing partner, tax advisor

Bartosz Kubista

managing partner, advocate, tax advisor

Łukasz Zarzycki

managing partner, statutory auditor, tax advisor, restructuring advisor

PhD Marek Mikuła

manager of the legal department, tax advisor

“We see transfer pricing issues as more than just obligations. Above all, it is an opportunity to plan processes in a capital group and to create a secure policy of cooperation between related parties.”

Bartosz Kubista managing partner, lawyer, tax advisor

Oferujemy wsparcie we wszystkich obszarach cen transferowych. Doskonale zdajemy sobie sprawę, że problematyka cen transferowych nie ogranicza się tylko do przygotowania dokumentacji.

Pełne bezpieczeństwo podatkowe może zapewnić tylko perfekcyjne przygotowanie transakcji na przyszłość  już na etapie ustalania warunków.

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