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Transfer pricing is the foundation of an effective tax strategy for every multinational enterprise and capital group. An effective transfer pricing strategy is more than just compliance with regulations—it's a way to leverage global tax laws for competitive advantage. By collaborating with GLC, you not only gain the assurance that your transfer prices comply with regulations but also that every transaction between related entities is tax-efficient.

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Transfer pricing is a key aspect of tax management for internationally operating enterprises, playing a significant role in optimizing tax burdens and ensuring compliance with increasingly complex and dynamically changing regulations. A precisely crafted and meticulously implemented transfer pricing strategy not only minimizes tax and legal risks but also opens doors for companies to explore new cost optimization and profit maximization opportunities. In this context, managing transfer prices requires not only a detailed understanding of local and international regulations but also the ability to interpret and apply these regulations in a manner that supports global business strategies.

At GLC, we offer comprehensive transfer pricing advisory services, providing our clients with the necessary tools to effectively manage transfer prices and comply with international tax standards. Our services cover a wide range of activities, from developing detailed transfer pricing documentation to conducting advanced pricing analyses, and from designing to implementing consistent transfer pricing policies. Additionally, we represent companies in dialogue with tax authorities and in tax disputes, ensuring effective defence of their interests. With a deep understanding of our clients’ business activities and global trends in tax regulations, GLC helps companies effectively manage challenges and leverage the potential of transfer pricing to build enduring business value.

Individual approach

We understand that each tax situation is unique, which is why our tax advisory is based on a personalized approach to the client. Our team precisely analyses the needs and goals of the client to provide the best tax solutions tailored to their situation.

Our team consists of 160 experts

GLC Advisory team consists of lawyers, legal advisors, and tax advisors. Some of them have dual qualifications, allowing them to provide comprehensive client service.

We provide services for clients from various industries

We have handled many cases from different sectors for clients from various industries. We know that legal and tax challenges in each industry are different, which is why we approach each case individually.

25 years of experience

Over the years, we have gained immense knowledge and the trust of our clients. For years, we have effectively adapted to changing business conditions.

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Managing transfer prices is both a requirement and an opportunity for companies in the international market. Precisely adjusting transfer pricing strategies can significantly impact tax optimization. At GLC, we provide support that maximizes operational efficiency while ensuring full compliance with the law. Our services enable clients to be confident that their pricing policy is tailored to their specific business needs.

Our services:

  • Preparation of comprehensive transfer pricing documentation at the local (local file) and group (master file) levels, ensuring compliance with local and international tax regulations;
  • Conducting transfer pricing analyses to identify and minimize tax risks, including benchmarking analysis and compliance analysis;
  • Designing and implementing transfer pricing policies tailored to the specifics of the company’s operations and regulatory requirements;
  • Advisory on increasing tax efficiency in a capital group using transfer pricing mechanisms;
  • Representation of companies in tax and administrative proceedings related to transfer pricing;
  • Support in negotiating advance pricing agreements (APA) with tax authorities;
  • Conducting training for employees on transfer pricing and relevant regulations;
  • Advisory on transfer pricing documentation for tax inspections and audits;
  • Analysis of transactions between related parties for compliance with market principles.

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