Substitutions in Accounting Departments

Employee sick leaves and various other random circumstances can significantly disrupt the legal and accounting stability of a company. Complex or highly specialized processes with which accounting department personnel have not previously dealt with are particularly problematic. Therefore, it is advised not to take any risks and seek help from experts. Our specialists will quickly and comprehensively take over the company's accounting tasks.

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Klaudia Derela

Managing Partner (Accounting), Executive MBA

Most entrepreneurs realize the importance of competent staff, especially in such a critical area as accounting. However, due to illness or other random reasons, in some cases, there may be a lack of the appropriate employee in the position. For various reasons, it may be necessary to introduce temporary accounting staff.

Benefits of temporary accounting services

Temporary outsourcing of accounting services to an external entity does not have to be problematic. For years, we have shown our clients that they can also benefit from this process – learn new things and discover unconventional solutions. It cannot be denied that introducing temporary changes may temporarily result in some destabilization. However, in the longer term, this solution often proves to be beneficial.

Using substitute employees will allow you to learn new solutions that you can permanently implement into your operations. Our company employs qualified specialists proficient in both Polish and English, providing services at the highest level. By utilizing substitute staff services, you will avoid any downtime that would be detrimental to the functioning of your company. What sets us apart is primarily: timeliness, quick implementation of necessary solutions, and deep knowledge of corporate system operations.

Specialists in their field

In every company, accounting and finance-related problems eventually arise. By using the services of competent accountants, you can be sure that every problem will be resolved. Whether it concerns discrepancies in statements, missing records, or any other matter. Our professionals are competent specialists who will undoubtedly detect any inconsistencies and irregularities.

We work with multiple accounting systems

including Enova, SAP (4Hana, R3), SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics Navision (Business Central), Comarch ERP XL (CDN XL)

Our team consists of 160 experts

Each expert in the team has in-depth knowledge of tax regulations, tax law, and general accounting knowledge.

We serve companies from various industries

We understand that different industries have unique challenges and specific accounting requirements; therefore, we offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of diverse clients.

We have 25 years of experience

Over the years of operation, we have gained extensive knowledge and the trust of clients. For years, we have effectively adapted to changing business conditions.

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Klaudia Derela, GLC expert, is at your disposal.

What do we do?

  • we smoothly take over the management of accounting books and other records for a specified period,
  • we work on the company’s accounting IT system,
  • we provide continuous or ad-hoc substantive support from tax advisors, certified auditors, or other specialists as needed,
  • we comprehensively manage ongoing tax proceedings and tax processes,
  • we communicate with the company’s clients to ensure an uninterrupted service process,
  • we prepare reports and statements that will facilitate a smooth handover of accounting tasks to the existing or new financial and accounting staff after the absence period.

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Substitutions in Accounting Departments

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