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We have been making a business life easier for 25 years

We make business easier by supporting our clients with accounting, auditing services, tax consultancy, legal services and IT support. We have been operating for 25 years serving clients from many industries. The GLC team consists of 160 specialists in various fields.
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Why GLC?

Close cooperation of experts in many fields is a guarantee of our comprehensive service
GLC - a large, modern and trusted accounting practice
Specialization in tax law
Consulting in the field of economic and commercial law
High qualifications and CPD
The highest quality of our services is confirmed by the ISO Certificate
Convenient communication methods and modern IT solutions
We will prepare you for the National System of e-Invoices!

Providing our service, we draw on the expertise of lawyers, advocates, tax advisors, certified auditors, certified accountants, and, if necessary, specialists in other fields. As a result, the solutions that we provide and the actions we recommend are being constantly verified for compliance with law and the associated tax implications.

We work as a team and treat each task as a project. Each project team involves several experts, which means that our Clients can discuss their problem at all times, even when one of the team members involved in the project is out of office.

Well qualified accountants who work in our locations in Katowice and Warsaw have the benefit of the ongoing support from a tax advisor and expert auditor. We are mobile and flexible – we can also work at the Client’s premises.

Top quality and the highest level of our services helped us win the ‘Accounting Leader’ competition held every year in Poland; the aim of the competition is to select the best accounting professionals and showcase modern accounting departments and accounting offices.

Tax advice service holds a special place at GLC.
Our team of attorneys, legal advisors and tax advisors work in synergy, combining professional experience with thorough knowledge of the economy and excellent understanding of the clients’ needs – all that translates to providing comprehensive legal and tax advice in all areas. Our experience in tax law covers all aspects of transfer prices, compliance and support of fiscal and administrative court proceedings.

Our experienced tax advisors act in the taxpayers’ best interest; we defend taxpayers’ rights and look after security of their business. We relieve the clients of the burden of day-to-day complicated tasks related to running a business. We help entrepreneurs operate in the climate of unclear, constantly changing tax regulations, inconsistent interpretations and assist when the tax authorities’ interpretation is not favourable for the taxpayer.

GLC also specializes in corporate law.
We have comprehensive specialist knowledge of the operating mechanisms and the processes within companies; each case is treated as a unique project delivered by a team of experts supervised by one of the Partners.

We provide legal services to Polish and foreign business entities. We support our clients in the area of commercial and economic law, with particular emphasis on company law, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property law, banking and financial law, new technologies law, payment services, anti-money laundering, data protection, antitrust law and prevention of unfair competition. Our law department provides ongoing legal support to start-ups and in the e-commerce sector.

Law, taxes and accounting are disciplines where constant professional development is fundamental. Regulations tend to change and often are open to inconsistent interpretations, which necessitates regular participation in trainings, courses, conferences and other forms of professional development.

One of GLC’s priorities is to recruit highly qualified and competent team members, and provide the team with the opportunities for professional development.

Our team members are degree-educated professionals, holding additional professional qualifications (e.g. lawyer, tax advisor, certified accountant) and they constantly improve their competences participating in specialized trainings.

The quality and timeliness of our services, as well as our client’s data confidentiality, is enhanced by implementing the quality standards ISO 9001/2008, ISO 27001/2013. We hold professional liability insurance at the level which significantly exceeds the statutory requirements and is at the maximum possible.

The form of contacts with clients depends on their preference.
We are available for meetings at GLC locations or at customer’s premises, face-to-face, via videoconference, e-mail or telephone. We offer our clients access to convenient computer applications which enable them to track the work progress, view reports and data, obtain information on matters of interest, commission new tasks, or simply as a means of communication.

We focus on new technologies – our competence in the field of accounting systems are far above the standard level. A few examples of the systems we work with are: SAP, Enova, Comarch CDN Optima, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Microsoft Dynamics AX (AXAPTA), Rewizor, Symfonia and BPSC, in Polish, English and German.

The GLC team has extensive experience in implementation of Enova365, as well as running reports, analysis and listings, and creation of additions and extensions tailored to work with other applications used by the client.

  • Legal and tax advice – We will guide you through the legal intricacies of operating an eInvoicing system; we will clarify any concepts and doubts.
  • System implementation – We will implement a programme that will automate your company’s workflow process to make your life easier.
  • Consultation – We will help you set up your company’s workflow process – we will share our experience.
  • Webinars – We will tell you what we know and equip your team with the necessary knowledge on how KSeF works. We’ll deliver online training that suits your company’s specific needs.
What we do?

We provide our clients with support in every area of running a business – we offer many specialist services under one roof.

We serve clients from various industries

Specializing in specific markets allows us to offer higher quality services—understanding the market’s specifics is a significant advantage in delivering our services as it provides room and opportunities for client development. Our knowledge, competencies, and resources enable us to serve clients from multiple industries. Each company we serve is assigned a team of specialists, advisors, and service scope. We make business easier—focusing on the industry and adapting services to the market allows us to truly fulfil this promise.

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    Our growing database of articles on accounting, law, taxation edited by specialists from our team.

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    Accounting Services in Poland

    Central Europe’s strategic gem, Poland, with its bustling economy, well-established infrastructure, and vibrant market, provides a favorable environment for business growth. The appeal of the Polish market to overseas investors has consistently grown over time, propelled by its expanding economy, highly skilled labor force, and policies that encourage investment. Nevertheless, maneuvering through the intricacies of Polish accounting can be a complicated task. Due to the distinct features of Polish accounting regulations, variances in tax systems, and the subtleties of local business customs, international businesses frequently face obstacles in handling their financial matters.

    To overcome these hurdles, availing professional accounting services becomes indispensable. Professional accountants with a deep understanding of Polish regulations and business environment can provide valuable guidance, ensuring businesses stay compliant with accounting standards, optimize their tax position, and make strategic decisions based on accurate financial data.

    Accounting in Poland – certified accountants for business entities

    Accounting in Poland is regulated by the Accounting Act and supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (PFSA), harmonized with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), yet also contains national provisions. Businesses in Poland must keep accounting books in Polish and the Polish Zloty, which can be challenging for foreign entities. The PFSA ensures the transparency and security of Poland’s financial market by regulating financial institutions.

    Foreign businesses often face difficulties understanding Polish accounting and tax regulations, language barriers, and local business practices. Frequent changes in regulations require adaptability. Professional accounting services can help businesses navigate these complexities and ensure compliance with Polish accounting standards.

    Vital Accounting Services for Businesses in Poland

    Our key accounting services in Poland include among others: financial reporting and audits, tax accounting and compliance, payroll services, and management accounting. Financial reporting and audits ensure the accuracy of a company’s financial performance. Tax accounting helps businesses manage tax obligations and strategize effectively. Payroll services handle employee salaries, deductions, and benefits in accordance with Polish regulations. Management accounting provides financial information for decision-making, helping businesses understand local market trends and make strategic decisions.

    Professional accounting services can greatly simplify financial management for businesses operating in Poland, allowing them to concentrate more on their core operations.

    Accounting Outsourcing – International Standards from GLC

    GLC is a trusted and professional provider of accounting services in Poland, offering comprehensive financial solutions such as financial reporting, audits, tax accounting, payroll services, and management accounting. Our team, with extensive understanding of the Polish business environment and various regulations, is committed to delivering services that comply with local laws and maximize financial efficiency. GLC’s dedication to quality and integrity has helped many businesses, both foreign and domestic, navigate the complexities of accounting in Poland.

    Outsourcing accounting services has numerous benefits, including tailored solutions that align financial operations with overall business strategy. A deep understanding of the Polish market and its regulations, as well as the use of modern accounting tools, helps to safeguard businesses from compliance issues and enhances the efficiency of their accounting processes. By leveraging technology, GLC provides tax advisors, precise financial reporting, bookkeeping services, streamlined payroll, and simplified tax compliance, all of which contribute to operational efficiency.