Compliance – a permanent tax service for entrepreneurs

Every year the number of regulations that must be complied with under the threat of severe sanctions, even if caused inadvertently, is increasing.

The dynamics of regulatory changes generates an ever-increasing risk of non-compliance of entrepreneurial actions. The main task of compliance is to bring order to the operation of the company.

What we do

The tax compliance service provided by GLC experts is designed to assist clients in the preparation of tax returns. The main advantage is tax audits, which are designed to verify the compliance of tax settlements and identify possible risks and irregularities.

Tax compliance also includes aspects involving transfer pricing.

The service includes:

  • development of a compliance policy (system) and ongoing verification of its compliance,
  • verification of agreements concluded with the client’s counterparties (suppliers, recipients) in terms of compliance with tax laws,
  • analysis of the purchase of third-party services in terms of proper documentation and recognition of a given expense as a tax cost,
  • introduction of procedures for analyzing the credibility of the counterparty (good faith) and verification of the practical application of procedures to prevent tax fraud,
  • handling tax audits during the term of the contract,
  • analysis of the amount of tax paid in relation to the possibility of optimizing the costs incurred, as well as the revenues generated,
  • verification of the margin and marketability of transactions between related parties,
  • Preparation of documentation of transactions and processes to protect them from being challenged by tax authorities,
  • ongoing indication of tax changes of significant importance to the Client.
  • do not have to worry about the legality and correctness of actions taken in pending or future tax proceedings.

Our experts in this field

Łukasz Zarzycki

Managing Partner (Audit), Statutory Auditor Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor, Executive MBA

PhD Bartosz Kubista

Managing Partner (Tax), Attorney-at-law | Tax advisor

PhD Marek Mikuła

Managing Partner (Legal), Attorney-at-law | Tax advisor

A compliance procedure is a set of coherent, structured rules and procedures that cover specific aspects of an entity’s operations. As part of our services, GLC’s expert team proposes the introduction of comprehensive legal and tax measures. Setting up a proper compliance system is a major challenge for both staff and all employees. This is due to the fact that it involves a thorough verification and evaluation of the existing rules, and sometimes their thorough revision or construction from scratch.

PhD Marek MikułaManager of the Legal Department, Tax Advisor

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