Assurance and other services of the auditor

The auditor’s support in the present scope is usually used by clients who are interested in objective and fully independent attestation of the reliability of information about specific activities, products or services.

The methodology for conducting other assurance services in a specific entity is adjusted by GLC specialists each time to specific legal events.

GLC specialists each time adjust the methodology of conducting assurance services in a specific entity to specific legal events.

What we do

  • we examine plans for merger, demerger and transformation of companies,
  • we conduct reviews of interim financial statements,
  • we examine the company’s accounting,
  • we draft and update accounting policies,
  • we design and update plans of accounts,
  • we offer the possibility of consolidation of financial statements, as well as audit services of interim, individual and consolidated financial statements,
  • we provide assistance in implementing new financial reporting requirements.

Our experts in this field

Łukasz Zarzycki

Managing Partner, Statutory Auditor, Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor

The assurance services provided by the auditors are designed to address clients’ specific problems. They relate to the attestation of projected financial information, as well as a number of other forms of attestation.

Łukasz ZarzyckiManaging Partner, Statutory Auditor, Tax Advisor, Restructuring Advisor

Assurance services include, among others, analysis of the operations and accounting of limited liability companies and previously prepared reports of limited joint-stock partnerships.

In addition, they also include an examination of a commercial company’s planned assumptions for its division or transformation.

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