Accounting supervision

Accounting supervision is an optimal solution for those entities which turn around a large number of transactions and need to constantly monitor their flow, and, at the same time, require professional factual support of their accounting function. GLC offers such clients a co-sourcing service, i.e. supervision over their bookkeeping. We particularly recommend this service to companies where, for operational or organisational reasons, there is no possibility of full outsourcing of the accounting function.

By implementing the accounting supervision in the company, we take over the activities of the chief accountant or the finance director – depending on the company’s structure.

What we do

In the scope of the accounting supervision service, the accountants at GLC will monitor bookkeeping by:

  • verification of documents entered into the system and pre-booked data
  • preparing statements and reports for management purposes
  • calculation of financial results for the statement of financial position and for tax purposes
  • determining tax liabilities
  • producing financial statements, inspecting the books for balancing and active participation in the audit of the financial statements by a certified auditor

Our experts in this field

Klaudia Derela

Managing Partner, Director of the Accounting Department

The main benefit of accounting services in the form of accounting supervision is the ability to optimise the accounting costs incurred by the client’s company. The company is able to hire to their accounting department people with slightly lower qualifications who will successfully do the bookkeeping. The accounting function and care of the company’s finances is provided by professionals with very high competences. GLC Accounting Supervision service means also that we accept responsibility for the most important accounting processes in the company.

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