Labour law

HR and payroll in the company require excellent knowledge of labour regulatory framework: not only the labour code but also the executive acts and their interpretation. The obligations of employers and employees’ rights resulting from the labour law in Poland change quite often, hence entrepreneurs and staff responsible for HR and payroll services may find it difficult to be constantly up-to-date.

What we do

Therefore, as part of HR and payroll services, GLC offers constant legal support for Clients, including:

  • preparing of work regulations, remuneration regulations, regulations of the company social benefits fund
  • creating and amending collective labour agreements
  • preparation of employment related contracts
  • preparation of contracts related to employee training and raising professional qualifications
  • drafting agreements to use employee’s private equipment to perform official duties (e.g. telephone, laptop, private car)
  • legal assistance during inspections of Labour Inspectorate
  • mediation and legal assistance in resolving disputes with employees
  • representation in court in HR-related cases
  • representation in administrative proceedings before state authorities

Legal advice to businesses in the area of labour law is provided by a team of lawyers and attorneys-at-law from the GLC law department, in consultation with specialists in the field of HR management.

Why GLC?

That is why GLC follows a few principles in advising on labour law:

  • labour law can be an ally of both the employer and the employee
  • The lawful running of HR and payroll allows you to reduce the risk factors associated with the company’s personnel
  • labour law can be a tool supporting the development of human resources of the company, and thus, its market success
  • skilful resolving of disputes with employees allows you to build a positive image of the company as a good employer and attract employees with the highest qualifications
  • clearly defined legal framework for relationships within the company is a guarantee of a good work atmosphere, and, at the same time an effective tool for motivating employees

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