Services for start-ups

We know how difficult it is to start with your own company and succeed on the market. We know the problems of start-ups, because we are entrepreneurs, we work with businesses, and we also were beginners once. GLC supports entrepreneurs at every stage of their business activity, including those who are just beginning.

What we do

Our service offer for start-ups includes more than just accounting. We offer support at every stage of constructing organisational solutions in the business you are creating. We offer:

  • assistance in registering the business and completing all formal requirements related to starting a business
  • advice in organising your new company’s accounting function and document workflow
  • assistance in selecting the form of accounting and taxation optimal for your operations
  • preparation of financial projections
  • legal and fiscal solutions in the area of bookkeeping, property valuation and company organization
  • active participation in drafting internal documents, regulations, contracts
  • comprehensive advice in the area of work organization, including hiring employees – an area that is of critical importance at this initial stage of business activity
  • training your employees in the field of accounting, document workflow, tax regulations
  • advising in the selection of appropriate accounting software and resource management software (we are able to offer our clients the use of selected IT module).
  • virtual office – we provide registered office address service
  • assistance in preparing loan applications, EU funding applications, financial and accounting aspect of leasing contract, and documentation for potential investors.

In the initial phase of the company’s operation, we try to recognise the fundamental elements specific for the particular business, the intentions of the client and we actively participate in the construction of the business from the perspective of legal and fiscal processes optimisation. Our goal is to facilitate the start-up of the company and offer significant assistance in preparation and implementation of its development strategy.

Our experts in this field

Klaudia Derela

Managing Partner (Accounting), Executive MBA

When starting a business, an entrepreneur needs to answer the following questions: How to conduct accounting in a company? What form of taxation should I choose? How to plan the company’s finances? How to draw up an effective business plan? The GLC accounting department supported by our tax advisors and lawyers will help you in solving those problems.

Why GLC?

The most important benefits of working with GLC at the start-up phase are as follows:

  • significant cost reduction at the initial stage of the company’s operation
  • practical and factual support in the field of running a business
  • assistance in realistic planning of the company’s development
  • support in implementing of the adopted strategy and achieving business goals
  • reduction of potential business related risks, through rational planning of the company’s finances and financial control.

Comprehensive accounting, tax and legal services by GLC allow the entrepreneur to concentrate on the development of the core business. It also improves the efficiency of his work in business, because it is easier and faster to navigate through assigned tasks and activities.

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