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The main objective of the introduced solutions is to increase the attractiveness of conducting research and development activities in Poland, both by Polish and foreign companies.

B-R relief

One of the objectives of the relief is to reduce the cost of conducting research and development activities. It also aims to encourage investment, which will undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of the Polish economy.

What we do

As part of IP BOX legal support, GLC specialists offer the following range of services:
  • development of legal and tax opinions;
  • conducting an audit to determine the applicability of IP BOX relief;
  • advising on the conclusion of agreements on qualified intellectual property rights;
  • applying to the Director of National Tax Information for individual interpretations regarding the applicability of IP BOX.

Our experts in this field

PhD Marek Mikuła

Managing Partner (Legal), Attorney-at-law | Tax advisor

PhD Bartosz Kubista

Managing Partner (Tax), Attorney-at-law | Tax advisor

As of 1 January 2019, regulations introducing favourable solutions for taxpayers obtaining income from qualified intellectual property rights came into force. After fulfilling the statutory prerequisites, they may benefit from a preferential tax rate of 5% (both in PIT and CIT, this applies to income obtained from qualified intellectual property rights.

PhD Marek MikułaAdvocate, tax advisor

The research and development allowance, in force since 1 January 2016, allows taxpayers to deduct from the tax base a portion of expenses, incurred for research and development activities, previously included in deductible costs.

PhD Marek MikułaAdvocate, tax advisor

Taxpayers – do not delay, apply to GLC today. A team of specialists will verify whether it is possible to take advantage of the preferential tax rate of 5%.

To be sure that your business can qualify for the R&D tax credit, we invite you to contact our team of experts.

Legal norms often raise doubts and problems of interpretation. The regulations for the new relief system, which came into effect on January 1, 2022, also remain unclear and incomprehensible to many people. We are aware that tax and accounting issues cause quite a lot of difficulties for many entrepreneurs. That’s why our specialists offer support that allows you to operate in the market in an informed manner while complying with current regulations. The new relief system that has been introduced is designed to encourage entrepreneurs to produce intellectual property in the broadest sense. Moreover, the intellectual property produced, as expected by the current government, is to be registered in Poland. If a company decides to commercialize the results, obtained as a result of conducting research and development, the entrepreneur can take advantage of both the IP Box and the R&D tax credit.

What is the IP Box?

IP Box is a relief also known as Innovation Box and Patent Box. It was introduced in 2019 in CIT and PIT. It is a relief dedicated to those who conduct R&D (research and development) activities. This relief provides preferential tax treatment for income derived from intellectual property rights subject to legal protection. Such protection can be, for example, a patent or copyright. A company that generates its own intellectual property (IP) rights can expect its profits to be taxed at a rate of 5%. The described relief can be used by entrepreneurs accounting through PIT-36, PIT-36L or CIT-8.

What has changed in 2022?

Changes effective from the beginning of 2022, the so-called Polish Deal, allow some entrepreneurs to apply the so-called simultaneous IP Box. This right is granted to an entrepreneur who is engaged in the commercialization of R&D work and generates qualified income (according to the IP Box regulations), as well as incurs costs for such activity. What does a simultaneous IP Box mean in practice? Roughly speaking, it means that the taxpayer is entitled to deduct qualified costs incurred for R&D (when determining income from a qualified IP Box). What is meant here is the costs that allowed for the production, improvement or development of qualified IP Box income. Thanks to the changes associated with the entry into force of the Polish Order, the Polish taxpayer no longer has to choose between mutually exclusive preferences. The described relief of the simultaneous IP Box applies to those accounting through CIT and PIT. In this case, it is important to conduct R&D activities.

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We realize that most entrepreneurs perform a myriad of various duties related to running their own business on a daily basis. It is difficult to pay attention to all things at the same time. That’s why if you make money from R&D and don’t have a head for keeping track of changes emerging in tax-related law, contact our team.

Our company employs only the best-qualified specialists who boast expertise in various areas and branches of law. As a company, we have many years of experience gathered during cooperation carried out with companies operating in various sectors. The result is an excellent knowledge of the business realities prevailing in virtually every industry. We know that the introduction of changes and decisions to use specific solutions always involve some risk. That is why we always take full responsibility for all solutions that will be proposed to you by our specialists. We trust that their knowledge, experience and very good knowledge of the rules of each industry will allow you to develop your company in the direction you want. By taking advantage of the discounts available to you, you will be able to responsibly and efficiently manage your company’s budget, allowing it to grow with the help of higher funds remaining in your company’s budget.

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