Organization of the accounting function in the company

Based on the audit by a statutory auditor and on business and tax analysis, GLC provides the service of auditing of the company’s accounting processes. Its goal is to reduce the costs of accounting, increase the company’s financial security and minimize the risk of fraud.

What we do

Inspection of the organization’s accounting function includes, but is not limited to:

  • monitoring and analysis of the individual employee’s work and identification of “bottlenecks”

  • conducting competence tests of the employees in the finance and accounting department

  • verification of working time in the financial and accounting department

  • analysis of document flow and cooperation of the finance and accounting department with other departments within the company

  • analysis of the accounting system implementation, in terms of system settings, including accounting templates, improvements and automation (including automation of reporting to external entities and for internal purposes)

  • determining job descriptions and allocation of responsibilities to department staff members, adjusting them to the individual competencies of employees

  • analysis of the quality and timeliness of reports prepared for the management, owners, and external institutions.


Based on the analysis, we propose a remedial action plan and assist in implementation of the new solutions.

Our experts in this field

Klaudia Derela

Managing Partner, Director of the Accounting Department

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