We provide businesses with comprehensive legal services.

We support in every legal aspect of doing business. We help effectively solve problems against the background of, among others, recovery of receivables, public procurement, corporate disputes, or inspections that may arise in the course of business.

We have practical experience in serving many industries. We are familiar with the problems faced by entrepreneurs and know how to solve them effectively. We perfectly understand that running a business in Poland is a challenge. We take over all the paperwork from our clients and do everything to enable them to focus on the development of their business.

For whom?

We work with clients who need ad hoc assistance, as well as those who are looking for a law firm for permanent cooperation. We have experience in handling both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large companies. We carry out preventive measures, as well as help companies that are already struggling.

What we do

Permanent legal services
Debt collection
Handling company inspections
RODO implementations and audits
Compilance in labour law

Among our regular clients are natural persons, civil partnerships, commercial companies, as well as branches and subsidiaries of foreign enterprises. The GLC law firm provides comprehensive services thanks to the cooperation of an experienced team: attorneys-at-law, tax advisors, trainees and lawyers specialising in business law and company law, as well as experts in other areas related to business management (e.g. accounting, human resources and payroll).

  • Legal advice, consultation and clarification on the application of the law to day-to-day business;
  • Legal opinions and expert opinions on the company’s activities;
  • Drafting civil law contracts concluded by the Client with domestic and foreign counterparties, letters and other documents;
  • Participation in negotiations conducted by the Client with business partners, banks and other entities;
  • supervising the correct execution of contracts
  • preparing and providing opinions on draft internal acts in force in the company, including: resolutions of company bodies, articles of association, rules and regulations;
  • legal services of activities performed by company authorities: servicing of shareholders’ and general shareholders’ assemblies, management board meetings, representation of shareholders at assemblies, appointment and dismissal of company authorities, change in the amount of share capital;
  • representation in court cases, before public administration authorities and bodies of other public and private institutions, including obtaining the permits, concessions and licences required by law;
    legal audits of company documentation;
  • assistance in launching new investments, including, but not limited to: obtaining building permits, decisions on the conditions of development and land use, obtaining necessary certificates and other documents.

In order to carry out debt recovery activities, GLC LEGAL Law Office provides assistance, among others, in the following areas: drafting debt collection reminders and calls for payment, drafting lawsuits in proceedings by writ of payment, writ of payment and simplified proceedings, conducting clause proceedings, in enforcement proceedings or carrying out actions aimed at disclosing the debtor’s assets.

In order to conduct professional debt enforcement of our clients’ claims, we cooperate on a regular basis with numerous bailiffs’ offices. This allows us to verify their effectiveness and reduce the time necessary for the actual satisfaction of the Client’s claims.

  • we prepare summonses for payment;
  • we conduct negotiations with debtors;
  • we conclude court and out-of-court settlements;
  • we secure claims;
  • we conduct court collection of debts;
  • we obtain and contest orders for payment;
  • we collect foreign debts in cooperation with foreign partners;
  • we provide assistance in the enforcement and recognition of Polish judgments abroad (in the EU and outside the EU);
  • we support clients in need of assistance in enforcement of foreign judgments in Poland

Pursuant to Article 47(1) of the Entrepreneurs’ Law, inspections are planned and carried out after an analysis of the likelihood of a breach of the law in the performance of business activities.

The analysis includes the identification of the areas where the risk of infringement is greatest. The manner in which the analysis is to be carried out is determined by the inspection authority or the superior authority.

It is also worth knowing that, according to the regulations, an inspection may be initiated no earlier than after the lapse of 7 days and no later than before the lapse of 30 days from the date of delivery of the notice of the intention to initiate an inspection.

  • substantive assistance during the inspection;
  • assistance as a proxy during the inspection;
  • preparation of explanations, objections, pleadings;
  • participation during hearings and submissions by employees;
  • participation in meetings with inspection authorities.

Personal data controllers and processors are required to demonstrate the lawfulness of the processing of personal data and to ensure the protection of personal data processed by default. Compliance with the requirements of the RODO requires the preparation of a number of procedures and policies. Given that RODO still raises many concerns and doubts, expert support is invaluable at every stage of implementation.

  • we audit existing data protection solutions,
  • we analyse the risks associated with personal data processing,
  • we verify the client’s procedures and policies in terms of personal data protection,
  • we adapt the Customer’s activities to the requirements and standards of RODO,
  • we develop personal data protection policies and other procedures for personal data processing,
  • we comprehensively implement RODO,
  • we analyse the Customer’s contracts and regulations in terms of RODO,
  • we prepare documentation with regard to personal data processing,
  • we represent Clients in proceedings before the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection,
  • we cooperate with Personal Data Inspectors,
  • we provide on-going advice on RODO,
  • we prepare codes of conduct on RODO and support in the certification process,
  • we train clients and their employees on RODO and personal data protection.
  • Examination of the employer’s actions from the point of view of their compliance with labour law provisions, including in particular the Labour Code and other acts applicable in the given company;
    assessment of all stages of the employer’s actions in the course of employment of an employee – from the manner of conducting an employment interview, through the analysis of the form and manner of establishing and terminating the employment relationship, as well as mutual settlements after its termination;
  • verification of the fulfilment of statutory obligations imposed on the employer – including, inter alia, effective counteraction to mobbing and discrimination and verification of the company policy adopted in this respect, as well as the fulfilment of obligations and rights towards trade unions operating at the workplace.
  • Once compliance has been carried out, the employer can effectively assess which elements of the company’s functioning are negatively affected. As a result, it can adopt a model that clearly improves the way the company operates, while at the same time complying with current legislation.

Our experts in this field

PhD Marek Mikuła

Managing Partner (Legal), Attorney-at-law | Tax advisor

PhD Bartosz Kubista

Managing Partner (Tax), Attorney-at-law | Tax advisor

The law firm GLC LEGAL specialises in business law and legal advice to businesses. We offer advice on day-to-day business activities. We provide services to both commercial law companies and companies operating under the Entrepreneurs’ Law.

PhD Marek MikułaAdvocate, tax advisor

The GLC LEGAL law firm, thanks to its experience from cooperation with business entities, offers broadly understood debt recovery services. We support our clients at all stages of the money recovery process, both judicial and extrajudicial.

PhD Marek MikułaAdvocate, tax advisor

In the course of conducting business, an entrepreneur may come across at least several types of inspections. The most common are tax audits conducted by tax offices, the State Labour Inspectorate or the Social Insurance Institution.

Bartosz Kubistamanaging partner, advocate, tax advisor

What do you gain?

Entrusting legal issues to external experts means, first of all, that the entrepreneur gains more time, which he can devote to work on the development of his company. He also gains confidence that the affairs of his company, are conducted in a reliable and professional manner. In addition, thanks to the fact that our interdisciplinary team remains at his disposal at all times, the entrepreneur can quickly obtain assistance in many different branches of law. Running a business with an experienced lawyer by your side is simply easier.

Among our regular clients are individuals, civil partnerships, commercial companies, as well as branches and subsidiaries of foreign enterprises. GLC Law Office provides comprehensive services thanks to the cooperation of an experienced team: attorneys, tax advisors, trainees and lawyers specializing in business law and corporate law, as well as experts in other areas related to business (including accounting, human resources and payroll).

Why GLC?

  • In-depth understanding of the needs and specificities of family businesses.
  • Comprehensive legal and tax support.
  • Expert knowledge, covering many branches of law.
  • Practical knowledge of the business realities of many industries.
  • Many years of experience in carrying out succession processes.
  • Convenient communication and constant contact.
  • Full responsibility for proposed solutions.
  • Individual approach to each data protection project.
  • Experienced data protection specialists.
  • Dozens of RODO implementations across Poland.
  • holistic services including audits of applied solutions, implementations and training for employees.
  • Combination of knowledge in the area of personal data with competence in other areas of law.
  • Counselling in all areas of the economy.
  • Effectiveness and correctness of solutions supported by ISO 27001.

We provide our customers with support in every area of business - we offer many specialist services under one roof

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