Calculating employees’ remuneration is not only an important element of financial management in the company. Payroll also requires maintaining considerable payroll documentation and submission of documents to Social Security Office and the tax office.

What we do

GLC payroll services include:

  • preparing payroll
  • calculation of employees’ salaries, calculation of remuneration for the time of sick leave, holiday and other kinds of benefits
  • preparation of bank transfers for remuneration, social security contributions and the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON)
  • preparing declarations to Social Security Office
  • monthly settlement of social security contributions
  • preparation of payslips for employees itemising the components of their remuneration
  • preparing RP-7 documentation to establish initial capital
  • calculation of advance personal income tax and calculation of tax liabilities due from natural persons (PIT-4, PIT-8, and other)
  • preparing annual tax returns for employees (PIT-40, PIT-11)
  • settlement of business trip advances
  • calculation of benefits
  • development and implementation of incentive systems
  • representation of the client before the tax office, the Social Security Office and handling of the inspection from National Labour Inspectorate.

GLC payroll specialists provide payroll services having constant access to support of accounting experts and tax advisors. Assistance of the law office also guarantees the development of effective and lawful solutions regarding employee incentive systems, benefits and supplements.

Why GLC?

The primary benefits of HR and payroll outsourcing implemented by GLC are:

  • reduction in cost of preparing payroll for employees and co-workers
  • timely preparation and sending documents and declarations to the Social Security Office and the Tax Office
  • certainty that the remuneration and the amounts of advance personal tax are correctly calculated
  • optimisation of remuneration costs and bonuses to employee salaries
  • sense of security during fiscal control or inspection form Social Security Office or Labour Inspectorate
  • ongoing salary consultancy and access to current, highly specialized and factual knowledge.

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