Conversions, restructurings

Conversion of a company is a process in which the legal form of the company is changed.

About conversion process

The conversion process requires the consent of all shareholders and the fulfillment of the requirements set forth in the Commercial Companies Code. Once the process is complete, the company has a new legal form, but its history, contracts and liabilities remain unchanged.

Transforming a company can contribute to greater flexibility and efficiency, and can increase the value of the company.

Company conversion is needed when shareholders or the company’s board of directors want to change its legal form. This may be required due to the development of the company’s business, changes in the ownership structure or other factors. Another reason for a company’s conversion may be the desire to obtain additional legal or economic benefits that another legal form offers. Company transformation may also be a condition for an investor to purchase shares in the company.

What we do

Company transformation services consist of legal and tax advice on carrying out the process of changing the legal form of the company.

  • GLC Advisory supports the shareholders in preparing and conducting the general meeting at which the decision to transform the company will be made.
  • GLC Advisory also prepares all documents and applications required to be filed with the registry court so that the transformation process is legal.
  • Legal services also include advice on the legal and tax consequences of the transformation, including possible changes to the company’s contracts and liabilities.
  • GLC Advisory also assists in safeguarding the interests of shareholders and ensuring transparency in the transformation process.

Benefits of legal services for company transformation:

Securing the interests of shareholders
Carrying out the process
Full implementation of the requirements
Saving time and money
Attractiveness for investors

professional legal services ensure that shareholders are fully informed about the legal consequences of the transformation and safeguard their interests.

an experienced lawyer will help prepare all the documents and applications required for submission to the registry court, which will make the company’s transformation much faster and easier.

professional legal services will ensure that the transformation process will comply with applicable laws and avoid possible legal problems.

hiring a professional lawyer will avoid mistakes that can lead to delays or additional costs in the company’s transformation process.

professional legal service of the company’s transformation will ensure transparency of the process and safeguard the interests of all parties involved, which will increase the company’s attractiveness for potential investors.

Our experts in this field

PhD Marek Mikuła

Manager of the Legal Department, Tax Advisor

PhD Bartosz Kubista

Managing Partner, Advocate, Tax Advisor

Corporate capital changes are a permanent feature of the nature of the operation of large market players. Mergers, acquisitions or amalgamations can be of strategic importance for the development of a company and determine the realisation of its full potential. It can be inadvertently squandered by making the wrong decisions at the stage of preparation and execution of the structural change process.

PhD Marek MikułaAdvocate, tax advisor

More and more entrepreneurs are using foreign companies for business purposes. However, the transfer of the registered office of a Polish company to another European country still poses practical problems. Cross-border mergers effectively help to simplify and accelerate this procedure. They are an example of the effective implementation of European Union law into the Polish Commercial Companies Code.

PhD Marek MikułaAdvocate, tax advisor

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