PhD Bartosz Kubista

Managing Partner, Advocate, Tax Advisor

Job profile

Associated with GLC since August 2012. Member of the Department of Financial Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Silesian University; academic teacher. He specializes in transfer prices, tax on goods and services and the new technologies law. He is the author of scientific publications in the field of tax law.

Busy coach and trainer – in total he has delivered over three hundred hours of training for various entities, including National Chamber of Tax Advisors and public finance sector. In April 2013, he completed professional teacher training program on implementation and delivery of trainings.


Author of scientific publications on fiscal law; he has participated in and was a speaker on numerous scientific conferences.

Co-author of Lex No Tears series: a “legal first-aid kit”, a guide for young people explaining the fundamentals of the legal system in Poland.

One of the co-founders of Street Law-Katowice the association aiming to rise legal awareness among the youth; in 2013-15 he also was the President of the Board. The association provides free training and workshops on fundamentals of law for the secondary school students in Silesia.

While still a student himself, together with the team of the Silesian University, Bartosz won the second place at the International Arbitration Competition Draft Common Frame of Reference Warsaw, International Arbitration Moot at the Court of Arbitration at the PCC.


Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia, Master of Law

Specialization in tax law and commercial companies’ law, master thesis on transfer prices as a tax optimization instrument.

Activity in the professional bodies for tax advisors

  • Member of the National Council of Tax Advisers of the 5th term (since 2018)

  • Member of the Expert Team for Fiscal and Criminal matters at the National Council of Tax Advisors (since 2017).


Theatre and film, diplomacy, computer graphics. Staunch supporter of Arsenal London.


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