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Valuation of business entities and company assets

In the case of ownership changes (such as privatisation of the company, purchase or sale of the company or exclusion of shares from the company) or in the event of organisational changes (such as admission of entities, contributions, mergers, dividing or liquidation of the enterprise), there is a need for a comprehensive valuation to obtain a full picture of the value of the entire business or its part.

Business valuations can also be carried out for the purpose of estimating the tax position or other liability (such as insurance, local taxes and charges, inheritance and donation taxes, or stamp duties) or to assess the risks associated with the business – the valuation becomes the basis for calculating of financial indicators or estimating the size of a collateral.

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What we do?

GLC experts offer comprehensive valuations of businesses and its assets:

  • valuation of contributions
  • valuation of shares
  • valuation of selected assets
  • valuation of trademarks
  • valuation of financial instruments – shares, options or futures contracts
  • valuation of the organized parts of the enterprise
  • valuation of the applied technologies
  • know-how valuation
  • patent valuation
  • property valuation
  • brand valuation
  • valuation of commercial contracts
  • valuation of receivables

Depending on the purpose of the valuation, we can help you choose the valuation method, ensuring compliance with the international standards and the requirements of the accounting act and the commercial companies code.

Depending on the circumstances, the valuation of businesses or their assets prepared by GLC are verified by court experts, statutory auditors or property valuators.

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