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Transfer pricing

Pursuant to the Corporate Income Tax Act, businesses entering into transactions with related entities, after exceeding certain tax thresholds, are obliged to prepare transfer pricing documentation. In order to meet the needs of clients who qualify under those regulations, GLC offers advice in the field of transfer pricing which aims to both reduce tax risks in transactions between related entities in international companies, and optimise tax liabilities resulting from such transactions.

What we do

Transfer pricing – the offer which takes into account the needs of each client

When providing tax advice on transfer pricing, GLC deals with:

  • preparing transfer pricing documents for related entities, both for entire capital groups and individual companies, based on the applicable regulations and taking into account the methods of estimating (setting up and calculating) transfer prices;
  • updating the transfer pricing documentation held by the Client in accordance with the current market situation;
  • analysis of tax risks attached to transactions between related entities within a capital group;
  • auditing the adopted and applied solutions in terms of their compliance with the requirements of the law;
  • development of a safe and satisfactory transfer policy and transfer pricing settlements between related entities;
  • advising and representing the client in tax proceedings related to transfer prices.
  • approaching each case individually and taking into account the complex nature of transfer prices, our firm develops transfer pricing documentation for individual transactions and for permanent transfer agreements between entities and related companies.

We tailor our tax advisory service in the area of transfer pricing to the specific clients’ orders; our services are always consistent with the business conditions currently prevailing on the market.

Our experts in this field

PhD Marek Mikuła

manager of the legal department, tax advisor