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Subsidies for new technologies

Today’s business world is characterised by rapid technological progress and fierce competition; keeping up with the constant changes is the condition of business development, or end even staying on the market. Only constant developing and improving products and services can give you a chance to gain competitive edge. Implementation of innovative solutions often requires enormous financial outlays. This barrier can be overcome by using tax allowance for research and development

R&D tax relief means effective tax reduction in companies focusing on innovation.

R&D tax relief is deducting part of the costs of research and development from the tax base, effectively reducing the amount of tax. It can be used by both PIT payers (taxed at a tax scale or using a 19% flat rate) as well as CIT payers. After the R&D tax relief regulations have been amended, this type of tax relief has become more accessible and the deduction limits have also increased, making this instrument very attractive for companies regardless of their size and the industry in which they operate (manufacturing, ITC, pharmaceuticals, insurance etc.)

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