Motivational plans

A motivational, or incentive plan is a tool to reward and motivate employees; its aim is to attach employees to the company, usually highly qualified or employed at higher levels in the organization. The plan is based on granting employees free or partly-free shares, stock options or other financial derivatives.

What we do?

Principles of cooperation

We prepare incentive programs for shares or stock options taking into account the market specificity of the company, its financial conditions and international law. Our goal is to optimise the fiscal and economic performance of the company, but we also take into account all legal and tax implications for the employees and protection of their interests as taxpayers.

The most important benefit of handing over HR management to GLC specialists, however, is the sense of security and ongoing factual support that enables the management board to focus more on the development of the company’s core business.

Why GLC?

The scope of service

Developing the company incentive plan (in the form or shares or share options) is delivered in stages:

  • analysis of the personnel policy and business strategy of the company in the context of the possibility of using incentive plans
  • developing a strategy of implementing the incentive plan
  • determining the tax implications of the incentive plan in the client’s company and obtaining tax interpretations
  • preparation of legal documentation, including regulations, draft resolutions
  • legal and tax support for the incentive plan
  • support in the implementation of the program.

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