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Financial forensic audits

Expert auditing of accounts in the company by a statutory auditor allows to detect irregularities in the bookkeeping, misuse in disposing of the company assets, fraud and theft. It identifies negligence and allows to recommend corrective actions to improve the financial security of the company. It allows to minimize the risk and losses in the enterprise.

Most often, financial forensic audits are conducted at the request of law enforcement authorities in the event of suspected fraud within the company. However, in the case of irregularities in the accounting function of the company, such audit may also be requested by the management or owner of the business.

Financial Audit 360®

What we do?

When performing the financial forensic audit, the auditor of GLC will:

  • investigate the reliability of accounting within the company
  • check the company transactions for possible frauds
  • verify the correctness of registering the financial processes in the accounting system
  • look for weaknesses in the flow of materials, goods and other resources within the company
  • analyse the company’s cash flow in terms of fraud risk factor.

When auditing the accounting books, the company’s financial statements and organisational processes, the auditor is guided by utmost concern for the company’s safety, as well as fiscal and financial efficiency.

Why GLC?

Thanks to the financial audit performed by GLC, the client gains:

  • a broad view of the company, including all its processes
  • identification of weaknesses in the accounting process and business organization
  • obtaining evidence of committed fraud – this allows to hold employees, accounting services or managers professionally responsible or press criminal charges
  • protection against similar fraudulent occurrences or other types of fraud
  • guidance on how to improve accounting processes
  • elimination or minimizing risk factors within the enterprise

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