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Financial Audit 360®

Financial, accounting and forensic audit, audit of financial statements, due diligence, business valuation

Financial audit is a service of exceptional importance: what counts above all, is high quality and reliability. The auditor’s opinion is not only a legal requirement but primarily a valuable source of information on the current financial condition for the company itself and for its business partners. For those reasons, financial audit should be entrusted to specialists with extensive experience and knowledge of the specificity of the industry in which the company operates.

Comprehensive service

GLC offers complete audit of financial statements which allows us to identify potential problems and offer guidance how to solve them. By appointing us to audit your financial statements, you gain not only a reliable analysis and specific conclusions, but also full confidentiality and our flexibility in adapting to the situation in which your company has currently found itself. In our understanding, financial audit is not only a meticulous checking of the financial statements, but also an analysis of systems operating in the company, with particular emphasis on their accounting aspect, as well as planning and consulting. Financial audit is a very specific type of inspection, and our approach enables utilising its full potential resulting from implementation of this tool.

High quality
All our activities included in the audit service are carried out by statutory auditors with many years’ experience, in accordance with National Auditing Standards and International Auditing Standards

Audit – areas of GLC specialization

  • audit of interim financial statements for separate entities and consolidated financial statements of companies operating on the basis of Polish and international accounting standards
  • business valuations, verification of their assets and financial condition – due diligence
  • assurance services – examining plans for mergers, divisions and transformations of companies
  • service for courts and prosecutors – preparing expert opinions in the field of accounting

Team of specialists working together
GLC specialists assist Clients with up-to-date knowledge, experience gained while working on similar cases, and most of all, with the skill to connect facts and cause-effect relationships which are the competencies essential to audit financial statements. Clients who request us to perform an audit have at their disposal our experts in finance, tax, law and accounting. Their combined knowledge and the ability to apply it in practise are GLC’s advantage over other companies offering audit of financial statements. Thanks to the GLC competitive edge, auditing your financial statements can open a new chapter in your company’s history and become a milestone in its development.

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