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Due diligence — offer for businesses

GLC offers its clients due diligence service – an in-depth and multidimensional analysis of the company in terms of its financial, commercial, legal and tax status. The service is also aimed at estimating the potential risk associated with the capital transaction planned by the company. The scope of due diligence depends on the specific nature of the company, its size and structure.

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What we do?

Purposes of due diligence – a detailed assessment of the company’s situation

The main objective of due diligence is a comprehensive and multifaceted assessment of the company’s condition. It includes:

  • determining the ability to generate future free cash flows according to the plan;
  • identifying and estimating the potential risk associated with future investment ;
  • analysis of the structure of the market, suppliers and customers, as well as company costs;
  • assessment of the company’s strategy and its business models;
  • planning the future project time schedules
  • preparing the grounds for the upcoming negotiations.

Due diligence analysis

Within due diligence, we offer our clients the following professional reports:

  • legal analysis – assessment of the current position of the company and analysis of contracts, permits or commitments on the part of the company;
  • tax analysis – assessment of tax liabilities, the use of tax shield and other tax aspects;
  • financial analysis – assessment of financial statements, invoices, cash flow statements and the statement of profits and loss, as well as other financial aspects;
  • organisational analysis – evaluation of the structures of the organisation and their efficiency;
  • technical analysis – assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s work based on the use of specific tools;
  • valuation of the company’s assets.

Why GLC?

Qualified due diligence experts at GLC

In GLC the due diligence service GLC is provided by experienced specialists, analysts, auditors, valuators, lawyers and tax advisors.

They guarantee a reliable and multifaceted approach to due diligence inspection in the company. In addition, they provide companies with full tax and legal support for the transformation and restructuring of the business, as well as mergers and acquisitions of companies.

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