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Claim assistance

As part of the claim assistance and claiming compensation and redress, GLC’s specialised team of lawyers, loss adjusters and appraisers can successfully win compensation/redress due to the Client and ensure that the outcome of the liquidation process is favourable for our Client.

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Reporting the claim to the insurer
Identification of the damage caused, gathering the necessary documentation, assessing the losses incurred, followed by making the claim. The most important stage of liquidation which affects the whole process is dealt with by a team of specialists in technical and formal claims handling.

Artur Oleś, PhD managing partner, advocate, tax advisor

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Artur Oleś, PhD

managing partner, advocate, tax advisor

What we do?

  • Seeking damages, as well as claim assistance is a comprehensive protection against the harmful effects resulting from the actions of third parties (natural and legal persons) and failure to comply with the terms and conditions of contracts. The following actions are included in the claim assistance service:

    • identification of the damage in the context of the relevant contract or resulting from a particular situation
    • assessing the loss and its accurate evidencing and documenting
    • preparing cost estimates and technical opinions, assessing and putting value on lost benefits or damaged property
    • representing the client, mediation and attempting amicable settlement
    • inspections, obtaining repair quotations, contacting services and supervising property repairs
    • collating documentation, reporting damage to the insurer and monitoring the liquidation process (in cases where the harming party is an insurance holder)
    • preparing letter to appeal or file a complaint, verification of the amount of the awarded compensation or redress and submission of further claims
    • liquidation process optimisation, i.e. obtaining the highest possible amount of compensation or redress
    • legal assistance in handling court proceedings and when the compensation/redress claim reached the stage of litigation
    • analysis of closed cases and re-submission of claims where there is indication that increased compensation should have been awarded

Detailed offer of claims assistance:

Monitoring of court proceedings
Regular contact with the insurer, verification of the case status, keeping the necessary documentation up-to-date, answering the insurer’s queries. Making successful complaints and appeals. Risk assessment in connection with the insurer’s proceedings.

Valuations, cost estimates, inspection, technical opinions
Comprehensive expert service that allows you to obtain compensation adequate to the damage suffered. Valuations, verifying the insurer cost estimates, inspections, drafting protocols and preparing professional technical opinions by the department of Technical Claims Adjustment.

Court and out-of-court service
Comprehensive assistance of an expert damage liquidator in damages claims, in- and out-of-court. Verification of closed cases, drafting documents, letters of complaint to KNF (the Polish Financial Supervision Authority) and to the Financial Ombudsman, representing the client before the court.

Training and seminars
Trainings are delivered by experts in the field of insurance, claim liquidation/settlement, communication claims opinions, property valuations as well as specialists in the field of engineering, energy, electronics and construction. Developing and delivering trainings in protection of property and business from risks.

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Artur Oleś, PhD

managing partner, advocate, tax advisor

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